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Benefits of Lean Six Sigma for an Organisation

Note that six sigma is a methodology used by organisations and individuals to improve operations. Lean focuses on analysing workflow and maximising production. These methodologies have gained popularity among organisations and are being applied in a big way. This article will outline several benefits that come with applying lean six sigma. The first benefit that any organisation using these methodologies is bound to gain is increased profits. Note that the organisations processes are streamlined to operate effectively. Once streamlined, the processes are able to work efficiently; work is completed faster and at no extra costs. Also, the products are of high quality. By producing more at no extra cost, the organisation is able to generate more revenue. They are able to produce more products therefore, there is no scarce when it comes to the availability of the products in the market.

When an organisation applies the lean methodologies, it is able to cut on costs. It is very important to note that; lean six sigma helps in eliminating problems that may arise during a process. This way, the processes are fixed and this result in the organisation saving resources which could have otherwise become wastes. Solving problems in a process translates to having products which are of good quality and with no defects. When the customers receive products that have defects, it will reduce their trust with the organisation. This can lead to drastic fall in the revenue generated and if not rectified, it can result in the organisation suffering huge loses. Therefore, it is important for the customers to remain satisfied at all times. Note that happy customers will most likely refer your products to their family members and friends and this can be very beneficial to your organisation.

Lean methodologies also help in employee order to achieve this; it is advisable to involve the employees in the improvement process. Once all the employees participate, they will become engaged and this promotes teamwork. Working as a team also improves trust and the employees are able to work together to achieve a common goal. Once the employees are working together and in harmony, there is improved performance and workflow. It is also a great way of managing your employees and making them to feel appreciated and part of your organisation. The employees also become accountable and these leads to their effectiveness and improved performance. When the employees are performing well, the organisation will gain in a great way when it comes to revenue generation. Read more on green belt course.

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